A Full-Service 24-Hour Towing, Auto Shop, and Tire Sales Hub in Horseshoe Bend, ID

Our expert team gives you an all-in-one service experience every time.

Bringing You 15+ Years of Exceptional Towing Industry Skills

Although we launched our 24-hour tow company back in 2014, we’re industry veterans offering over a decade and a half of knowledge and top-tier service for affordable rates. We take “24/7” seriously, never refusing service after hours and always providing a helping hand when you’re in need. Call us today and learn more about our exceptional client experience.

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Repair Your Vehicle with Fast and Reliable 24-Hour Towing and Auto Shop Service

You can find fast towing service providers, efficient vehicle handlers, skilled recovery specialists, and knowledgeable mobile mechanics in one convenient location. Call us to request your free estimate today.

  • Light-Duty Towing
  • Medium-Duty Towing
  • Heavy-Duty Towing
  • Tire Replacements
  • Tire Changes
  • Lockouts
  • Fuel Delivery
  • Light-Duty Mobile Mechanic

Heavy-Duty Towing Services

From light-duty cars to heavy-duty commercial rigs, our staff has the expertise to safely and securely tow your vehicle across Boise County. Maintain your commercial fleet with our team’s help.

Minor Roadside Assistance Calls

No one is exempt from accidents, breakdowns, and minor vehicle issues. Having a reliable, full-serve 24/7 tow company on-call is the best way to stay ahead of unexpected road-related problems.

Skilled Vehicle Mechanics On-Site

Whether you need us on the road or you’re looking for a reliable and affordable general auto repair team, we’re here to help. Enjoy quick access to industry-leading parts for your vehicle, tire replacements, and preventive maintenance solutions.


kyle lindsey
kyle lindsey
You guys are the best of the best above and beyond to help me get my car out of impound and to change a flat tire and internally grateful for meeting you today 🤗 I have dealt with oafew tow companys all of them mean unhelpful band. Only wanting money amazing people work here and will always have my business from now on
Mark Butterfield
Mark Butterfield
Friendly staff. Good service.
Holton Productions
Holton Productions
I noticed a screw in my tire on a Sunday, I was able to reach nick and he was willing to do whatever it would take to help me out on my Anniversary weekend. Great service, great price.
Unbelievable service! My daughter and I got stuck on a run-away truck ramp with the car overheating in 106 degree weather for an hour at the top of the hill. Finally got to the bottom of the hill and drove into Mustang Towing. Danny was the kindest, most patient employee helping us. He brought our dog a bowl full of water while we sat in the office while the car was cooling down to have before it could be checked. It was a Friday afternoon, and they were busy. Danny performed a diagnostic on the car and helped us be on our way.....with no charge. After thanking him and giving him a tip he said "no problem, it's how I was raised." Not many places exist like this in our Country anymore....with workers like Danny. Kudos to the whole staff and owner. We've been driving by this business for 20 years going from Boise to McCall.....God Bless you......you're a gem in Horseshoe Bend, Idaho!
Michael Dominguez
Michael Dominguez
Quick response. Great Service
Tylen Smith
Tylen Smith
I called them to arrange a tow for my parents recently. They were responsive and quick, easy to work with, and they do vehicle repairs at their shop as well which was convenient for my parents' situation.
Kay Merritt
Kay Merritt
Excellent service and customer service. Seemed very knowledgeable and I have been told by many people that they do great work.
Jeff Hansen
Jeff Hansen
Very polite